party bus

Our party buses are all equipped with fiber optic light, laser light & wood floors, it has bar which comes with complimentary ice & sodas when you rent the party bus Houston for more than 3 hours and it also has dance pole for your entertainment. Sound system is great, you can bring your CD or DVD, or even your iPod with the connection wire to connect to our sound system and listen to your favorite music and dance, drink and have a great time while our licensed chauffeur will drive you from one club to another or take you to your party spot. Before you reach your destination you can start your party with in the limo bus Houston and get warmed up for the night.

Our Buses are well maintained by our cleaning crew and mechanic. We want to make sure you have a safe and great time right from where we pick you and your friends until your final destination. We care about our customers, that is why we provide each and every customer with a quality service which will keep them smiling through out their Houston limousine ride and that is the reason we have repeat customers who are loyal to us since 1991 when we established our Company.

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party bus
Party Bus
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